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Taking The Higher Road

How long are willing to work with what you have as you invest in the future by being conscious of the present moment?

Are you ready to bring your vision to life and start living the life you have always dreamed of?

Are you ready to align with your deep inner calling by claiming your authority?

Are you ready to embody your divine gifts?


Over and over and over again I have been confronted with the consequences of a choice that I made in the past that affects my state of being in the present moment--staying out late and partying instead of chipping away at a midterm exam, spending money on going out to eat instead of cooking at home, choosing to go hangout with friends all weekend instead of spending time resting, watching a television show instead of cleaning the house, sitting on the couch scrolling on my phone instead of working out or being in nature.

Instant gratification is something that we allow ourselves to experience in the present moment. It is a choice that we make to derive more pleasure from our lives. I have noticed in my own life how my ability to resist instant gratification is lowered when I am in a state of distress, depressed, anxious or in pain. I want relief NOW, but in doing so, I rob myself of the greater pleasures that tomorrow inhabits.

Being in alignment with our dreams requires delayed gratification. The work we do today is our stepping stone for tomorrow. We can't make it to the other side of the river if we didn't build some of the bridge today. The sacrifices we have to make, the discomfort we must face, and the time we must endure is the expense that we pay to call in our dreams.

The funny thing is... the more I delay my gratifications the greater the rewards that I recieve. I call delayed gratification 'taking the higher road' because it is an uphill battle. There is temptation, fear, loss, and death before there is alignment, clarity, gain and rebirth. It is a test of commitment and dedication to reach a new state of being. Our dreams require us to be in authenticity and authority before we can embody them. Our dreams call in our vision, our vision calls in our goals, our goals call in our timeline, our timeline calls in our commitment, our commitment calls in our frequency, our frequency calls in our embodiment of a new state of being.

There must be inspiration, goals, dedication, commitment and belief. There is always a risk involved and a purging of an identifcation of Self in order to create space for greater depths of self-actualization. In order to transform your life you must begin understanding and being honest with yourself about your lifestyle.

I believe our lifestyle consists of our habits and choices that we make on a daily basis, the people we choose to be around, and the environments that we choose to be in. We must consider the routines, habits, people and places that we live with in order to find new ways to improve our well-being. Creating space for change requires steady, consistent dedication towards a goal bigger than ourselves, our purpose.

Our purpose is a life-long journey that I believe varies as our dreams and aspirations do. Our purpose requires a connection to the divine--there must be intention, in-spirit-action, gratitude, and service. Our intention is the integrity that we have behind our actions, what is your why? In-spirit-action is the inspiration to take action towards your vision. Gratitude is a high-vibrational emotion that allows us to appreciate where we are right now and the gifts that are already flowing in our lives. Being in a state of gratitude is a state of abundance, because suddenly you open yourself up to recieving and that attracts more things to you. Our service is the way in which we give back to others and improve their quality of life.

Delayed gratification, intention, inspiration, gratitude and service are key components to staying in alignment with our purpose. The more we aligned we are with our purpose the more joy, happiness, and well-being we cultivate into our lives.

Where can you celebrate the small wins TODAY that bring you one step closer to your purpose?

How can you become 1% better today?

If you can get 1% better each day for one year, you'll end up 37x better by the time you're done.

One day or day one?

Please comment below or message me with any questions that you may have.

Big Love,


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