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You Are Resilient

Life is demanding, pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.

We do not have to settle for a job that causes us more stress and emotional turmoil than financial benefit.

 We do not have to tolerate negative, maladaptive, or unsupportive behaviors in our close relationships.

We do not have to make excuses for others or try to fix their problems.

 We do not have to accept the deterioration of our health and well-being as our fate.  

We do not have to keep making the same choices, repeating the same behaviors, and completing the same routines that keep us feeling stuck and remind us how far away we are from our desired lifestyle.

Change is difficult, but so is staying the same.

We are built for resilience and equipped to withstand the dynamic pushes and pulls that our lives take us on. Our growth is found in our ability to shift and adapt—internally—so that we can respond to our environment and create changes, externally.  

Be Your Own Medicine is about cultivating a lifestyle that aligns you with your innate ability to overcome life’s challenges and unleash your full potential. It is about cultivating resilience and stepping more fully into your purpose.

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Be Your Own Medicine is for you if you are ready to reclaim your happiness and find joy regularly. You want to create freedom in your life to be in your purpose. You are ready to find the ULTIMATE flow and balance between your work life and your personal life. You want to generate more peace in your everyday life, not just on vacation. You want to have the confidence to contribute to others. You want to feel fulfilled by your contribution to others. You are ready to engage in more healthy, intimate, and rewarding relationships.  You desire connection and community. You want to take control of your stress and improve your quality of life.  You want to feel your best.

Are you ready to understand what it is that you want to do and what your intentions are so that you can ACTUALLY live the life that you desire

What To Expect

8 Week

Integrative Coaching Course

There are 8 lessons that will be covered over 8 weeks that will provide you with the information that you need to transform your life from the inside out. The best part, you will have access to this information for the rest of your life and are able to come back to it over and over again!

Lesson 1


Get clear on who you are and what you want

Lesson 2


Find out what makes you unique and special

Lesson 3


Cultivate a practice to connect with yourself more intimately

Lesson 4


The gift of recieving and building on what you already have

Lesson 5


Create habits and routines that align you with your vision

Lesson 6


Create a mindset you can trust

Lesson 7


Be honest with yourself and others

Lesson 8


Embody all the rich, tender, juiciness that you are


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I am human, I make make mistakes, I get stressed out, I have conflicts, I have fears, I have doubts and limiting beliefs too. I understand just how scary it can be to take a leap of faith and completely jump into the unknown. But, I am telling you that some of the most transformative moments of my life have been when I completely let go of the "what if's" and committed to a vision that I set out for myself. I have been able to travel all around the United States, study abroad in Australia, build a business that gives me the freedom to work when I want and create a network of people who are passionate about discovering and living in their purpose. I want you to find happiest and healthiest version of yourself and  I am here to support you in finding and committing to that.

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Are you ready to get started? Book a discovery call now so that I can make sure that you are the perfect fit. I look forward to meeting you.

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